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Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Many Christians struggle to speak both lovingly and confidently when the topic of homosexuality is brought up. Some speak the truth confidently, but with no love or compassion for the hearer. Others attempt to only love, and yet they leave out the truth that is most needed by the hearer.

Firmly Planted is a conference that seeks to equip the believer in Christ to be firmly planted on truth in order that they might lovingly reach out to those who are stranded in the overwhelming sea of false ideas.

Please join us for four conference sessions, Q & A and Breakout Sessions for Jr High/High School, College and Parents:

  • Homosexuality: A Biblical Perspective -- Zach Vestnys
  • Homosexuality: A Personal Testimony -- Kris Olsen
  • Homosexuality: Truth and Compassion -- Alan Shlemon
  • Same-sex Marriage and the Future of the Family -- Alan Shlemon
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